Top 5 Room Service Requests at The Nell

When you’re settled in to your room or suite at The Nell, it can be hard to leave the comfort of your confines, which is why we offer In Room Dining around the clock. On our menus, you’ll find an array of options from breakfast to lunch to dinner to late-night snacks. You can even request tasty treats for your pet. And if you fancy something not found on the menu, fear not as our In-Room Dining team will do their very best to to meet your every request. While we receive a range of requests from guests, there are a few that stand out from the rest as noted below.

Top 5 Most-Requested Items on the Menu:

  1. 1.  Chicken Noodle Soup – The perfect way to warm up after a wintry day on the slopes.
  2. 2.  Element 47 Cheeseburger – Wagyu beef + parmesan fries – need we say more?
  3. 3.  The Little Nell Sundae – Craving a sweet, chocolate treat at 2 am? Coming right up.
  4. 4.  Canine Delights – Order a gourmet meal for your four-legged friend off our special pet menu
    5.  Eggs any Style (served with sausage or bacon and toast and potatoes) – No need to leave the room for this bedside request.

Top 5 Most-Requested Items not on the Menu (but will be delivered upon request):

  1. 1.  Ice Packs – The perfect solution for rejuvenating muscles after skiing.
  2. 2.  Ice Buckets – These can be delivered and keep your beverages on ice.
  3. 3.  Flowers – What better way to welcome guests to Aspen than with a bouquet in their room?
  4. 4.  Birthday Cakes – Our talented pastry team creates cupcakes and birthday cakes of all kinds.
  5. 5.  Tea Kettles – When you’d like a hot cup of tea, we’ve got your

In-room dining is a critical component on our menu of services. The opportunity to order food to be delivered to your own room could make or break your stay.  For the jet-lagged guest craving a club sandwich at 3 a.m. or for the early riser seeking a freshly baked croissant at 6 a.m., our goal is to cater to every whim while staying at The Little Nell.

Check out all our In-Room Dining offerings.