How to Have a Blissful Day of Relaxation in Aspen

During vacation, you intend to relax, unwind, and let go. However, our time off often becomes an endless cycle of reservations, back-to-back activities, and wake up calls. While these types of vacations reward us, they don’t offer much in relaxation. Alas, needing a “vacation from your vacation” is spoken far too frequently.

What do we recommend? Setting a day (or two) aside for pure, uninterrupted relaxation in Aspen. Starting from the moment you wake up, here’s our guide for bliss-seeking guests.

Wake With Room Service

The Little Nell has some of the top chefs and cooks in Aspen, and as a guest, you have access to them while still in bed. Order breakfast room service from 7 – 11 a.m. and choose from a variety of beverages (freshly squeezed juices, lattes, and organic teas) and menu items (lemon souffle pancakes or duck confit chilaquiles).

Sip your beverages from your balcony and watch skiers and hikers prep for their strenuous day. Watch the news. Or get back in bed.

Get a Massage & Facial

The Little Nell’s intimate health center has three distinct treatment rooms offering massages and facials during your stay – or stay in the privacy of your room for an en suite treatment. Schedule a Five-Star Facial featuring the Couture Spa Collection from June Jacobs. Or choose one of our luxurious, 80-minute massages: Swedish, hot stone, sports, deep tissue, or prenatal.

Massage The Little NellWe can also arrange your treatment to take place in the comfort of your room.

Pool It

Post-massage, enjoy sunbathing and a swim. Even in the warmest months, Aspen’s weather is comfortable enough to lounge outdoors; during the winter, the pool’s set to the perfect degree.

Pool at The Little Nell

Admire The Little Nell’s living wall and on-premise gardens in the pool courtyard. You can even join for a garden tour with our head gardener offered on Fridays at 4 p.m.

Take a Picnic

Take your significant other, kids, or yourself to a peaceful park and plant yourself there for the afternoon. Some of our favorite picnic spots are listed here, or you can take a blissful ride up Aspen Mountain on the Silver Queen Gondola.

Picnic at The Little Nell

Your lunch options include freshly-made sandwiches from Big Wrap or custom charcuterie baskets from The Little Nell’s takeaway menu. Request wine or beer pairings from The Nell’s sommeliers to make it a complete culinary experience.

Lazily walk back to the hotel or take the last gondola ride down at 4:30 p.m..


Head back to your room and relax, take a bath, read a book, or simply enjoy a siesta.

When you feel the urge to venture outside, consider a downtown walking tour, bike cruise, or perfectly-lit patio. Enjoy the sunset, stroll, and turn in early.

Every guest needs a few days to breathe. Breathe more easily at The Nell, where you can arrange dining, services, tickets, and reservations without lifting a finger.