Explore the Gardens at The Little Nell

This year’s gardens at The Little Nell are spectacular, with more color and flowers than ever before. The Nell’s resident gardener, Arabella of Busy Beavers Gardening, shares details on this year’s gardens, and what to expect during our weekly garden tours Fridays at 4 pm.

The Front Garden

The first area in The Nell’s garden features a bright annual display with ferns and hosta as a backdrop. Plants include annual cosmos, pansy, night scented Stock and osteopernum – The African Daisy. It’s designed to be very appealing by day or night. We have dedicated this area to our Managing Director, Simon Chen, who loves florals in bright colors.
the little nell gardens

The element 47 Gardens

Set in front of the element 47 patio, this wonderful garden is nestled beside Aspen’s finest dining experience. You’ll see perennials such as lupine and columbine as well as bright and showy annuals that capture the light throughout the day.  At the mountain side of this garden, edible flowers for the kitchen are being grown such as violas in an array of colors – a great addition to the desert plate!

The Living Wall

This is one of our favorite gardens. In 2015, we created a modern living wall covered in flowers for the first time. This year’s design is in the Power of Four motif of our parent company, Aspen Snowmass, and features petunias, lobelia, ipomoea and hedera ivy. As the wall continues to grow, you’ll begin to notice four snow-capped mountains nestled within wildflowers and a bright blue and purple sky mimicking sunset. This garden is very special as it is currently the only outside living wall in Aspen.

The Hillside Garden

This is a beautiful shaded garden full of hosta, columbine and ferns that are formalized with white, blue and pink annuals – giving it a very European look. Designed as a twist on the white garden – this garden is such a favorite of mine. Also featuring night scented stock, its fragrance at night is quite lovely.

The Edible Organic Herb Garden

This garden contains fresh herbs and edible flowers for the kitchen’s use. It’s common for you to see one of the chefs coming out and picking fresh herbs for the kitchen and flowers to decorate your plates. Edible flowers are so much fun and we currently have nasturtium, marigold, viola and chive flowers. The herbs include basil, chives, oregano, cilantro, rosemary, dill, lavender, spearmint and mint. We use the mint in the Garden Tours’ signature cocktail –  the Mountain Mojito. A living herb wall will be implemented soon with nasturtium, the signature ingredient in element 47’s pesto pasta.

the little nell gardens

Photo credit: Trevor Hughes/USA Today

The Cutting Garden

There are many gardens around the pool that contain beautiful perennials and annual displays, including iris and lupine and lilies. This garden features an array of beautiful dahlias that can be used for floral displays. Gorgeous, big dahlias in pinks and oranges really bring the entire garden together – and this flower was a particular favorite to my grandmother, who was a well-respected gardener in England.

Garden Tours are held in The Nell’s courtyard every Friday at 4 pm. Contact our concierge to reserve your spot at 970.920.6365 or concierge@thelittlenell.com.