David’s Journal ~ A Winter Argentinean Escape

The Little Nell’s Director of Fly Fishing, David Doerr, has hosted many unforgettable fly fishing trips to Nahuel Huapi National Park Patagonia in Argentina and suggested offering this memorable experience to our guests.  Catching word of this one-of-a kind excursion were three of The Little Nell’s Aspen Mountain Club members, who were also eager to exchange Aspen’s winter wonderland for an all-inclusive fly fishing excursion.  For an insider’s account of this unparalleled experience, sneak a peak into David’s Journal.

Day One

We started the day on Logo Hess.  Rees Poag and I shared the raft with our guide Javier.  THE FISHING WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!!  Never in my life have I witnessed large trout launching themselves into the air to take a fly cast to them.  Rees had this happen to him twice in the afternoon, once by a large Rainbow trout and once by a Brown trout.  The reason was a large adult dragon fly hatch that was in progress and many times throughout the day we saw trout jumping as high as 5 ft in the air to catch a dragon flyhovering over the water.  It was awesome!  Rees said he had never experienced anything like this in his life.  Most of the day was spent casting large dry fly patterns right to the edges of the reed beds that lined the lake, mimicking these large flies that the trout were keying. 

Kelly Lasher spent the day honing her fly casting skills with Marcelo, our other guide.  Rees’s wife Sara and Kelly enjoyed the scenery and experienced a long luxurious massage (and subsequently decided to schedule one every day).

We finished the day with our 1st wine tasting by sampling White, Pink and Red wines from northern Argentina.