David’s Journal ~ Argentina, Day 2

The Little Nell’s Fly Fishing Adventures continue with time on Lake Hess and the Rio Manso River, catching both Brown and Rainbow Trout.  Read more about Day Two in David’s Journal.

Day Two

The weather was absolutely breathtaking, with clear calm lakes reflecting the beautiful scenery around us.  Note to self: start the day with a coat of sunscreen.  The group headed in two different directions today. 

Kelly started with a few more hours of casting lessons with Marcelo and then headed to Lake Hess for some ‘real’ fishing.  Kelly caught and landed some nice Brown trout on a dry fly…great job, Kelly.

Rees and I headed to beat 1 on the Rio Manso River which flowed through Lake Los Moscos.  The water was gin clear and the lake was like a mirror, which made fishing a little more challenging.  However, it didn’t take us long to key into the Damsel Fly hatch that was taking place all around us… and we started catching fish.

Later in the day, while drifting the river, we stopped beside a nice riffle that crossed the river.  It was a pleasure watching and photographing Rees, guided by Javier; conduct a demonstration on how to literally ‘clean up’ the Browns and Rainbows feeding in this beautiful run.  Sara and Kelly had massages today (they are making this part of their daily routine) and we finished the day in the customary fashion… great food and several wonderful wines.