Wedding Planner Spotlight: Daughter of Design

Annie Lee, a wedding planner based in New York City, is the daughter of an interior designer, explaining the origins
of her company name “Daughter of Design,” and her understanding of both event and interior design hemispheres. Her own signature style stems from her dual background, creating weddings that feel more individual, artistic and non mass-produced. She recently partnered with Baccarat, a fine crystal maker, to launch its high-end wedding registry program, Liste de Mariage. They aptly named the event “From Wedding Day to Every Day.”

Annie’s goal is to mimic a stunning residential dining room or stylish hotel lobby that infuses more character and quality into each event design. Her latest idea and initiative is incorporating the couple’s luxury home décor, most commonly fine china, flatware, and crystal stemware, for their head or sweetheart table. Lee asks, “Why would you want to use rentals on your wedding day? And if you are saving ‘the good stuff’ for a special occasion, I can’t think of an occasion more special than your wedding day!”

Working in conjunction with Baccarat, Daughter of Design organized a council of influential interior designers to work together with engaged couples who are usually designing both their big day and new home simultaneously. By coordinating the two sets of designers, couples are able to select décor that can be enjoyed at both their home and their wedding alike, a double value on the investment and not to mention the sentimentality of remembering the role those items played on the wedding day.

Lee notes what she appreciates most about The Little Nell’s wedding venues is that they don’t look like a loft space or a ballroom, but rather feel like intimate spaces with the look of an upscale restaurant. Therefore, bringing in high-end, decorative pieces feels more natural. Venues such as the Wedding Deck, Sundeck and Aspen Mountain Club are simple, elegant spaces, that can be decorated in a myriad of ways. Annie advises brides and grooms to have their wedding decor in mind when creating their registry, so they choose items that match the look and feel of their big day.

Two sample tables were showcased at the design event. Baccarat created an “Every Day” table to model Baccarat at home and Annie Lee designed the “Wedding Day” table with everything from chandeliers by Baccarat and florals by David Beahm Experiences to exemplify how the same homeware collection can effortlessly be repurposed to elevate a head table.

Learn more about Annie Lee and her work with Daughter of Design on her site.

Photos by Allan Zepeda