Wedding of the Month, Lalezari~Garrow Wedding

James Christianson Photography

Why Aspen & The Little Nell?

We saw a wedding on the Wedding Deck several years ago and thought it was one of the most beautiful venues we had ever seen.  When we got engaged we knew that we wanted our wedding to be in Aspen.  Luckily, The Little Nell had the perfect weekend open for us!



James Christianson Photography


Favorite Gondola Moment…

Hands down, our favorite gondola moment was the ride we took down the mountain after our reception.  It had rained earlier in the evening, so there were a lot of low-laying clouds along the mountainside.  As we went through the clouds, the town of Aspen would disappear from sight and everything got very quiet.  It was so peaceful, and it was a great way to unwind after a night of celebration.

Best Wedding Bite…

The best things we tasted were our entrees.  They were perfectly plated and tasted exactly as we remembered them from the tasting.

James Christianson Photography

Future Aspen Bride Advice…

Don’t sweat the details, especially on the day of your wedding.  Also, make sure you take some time out of the festivities to take it all in.  The day will fly by and it can get overwhelming; but, no matter what happens,  it will be absolutely perfect.

Venue: Sundeck & Aspen Mountain Club; Coordinator: Debra Doyle, Aspen Eventworks; Florist: The Aspen Branch; Cake Artist: Classic Cakes of Aspen; Entertainment: Soul X and DJ Dariush; Photographer: James Christianson; Videographer: Creative Mountain Images

James Christianson Photography