Tequila Bar? Yes Please!

Ever thought of kicking things up with a tequila bar at your next event? Don’t be afraid… Sommelier Carlton McCoy (a tequila connoisseur) recently created one for an event at The Little Nell and has these tips for you. 

Carlton (right) enjoying his well-stocked tequila bar.

What kind of party/event would you recommend have a tequila bar?  

Weddings are probably the best events for a tequila bar! People just want to have a great time, and they are always up for something special and different.

What types of tools/barware do you need?

Dry ice, rocks glasses, lime wedges and at least three different types of tequila (you want to offer some variety and incentive for people to taste).

tequila bar little nell weddings

How many (and what types) of tequila were you serving?

We served a silver, reposado, añejo and a mescal. The DeLeon Tequila Reposado was the biggest hit!

For people creating this for their own party at home… do you have any additional tips?

Dry ice is a must! We use it because it chills the tequila without diluting it… it’s also a really cool presentation.  Be sure to remove the dry ice before serving the cocktail to reduce the chance of injury.

wedding cocktails