Inviting Kids to My Wedding?

Every year our Events Team puts on a series of fabulous weddings, particularly in the summer and early fall. We are at the middle of family dramas, planning dilemmas and any number of issues that are bound to come up while organizing such an important event. We receive TONS of questions from what food to serve to the proper processional order, so we thought we would share these conversations with you on our blog in a series called “Dear Nell.”

sundeck wedding on aspen mountain

Photo Credit: James Christianson

Dear Nell,

When do you invite children to a wedding? I’m just not sure what’s appropriate. 

Flustered Bride-to-Be 

To answer this one, we have Shawna Rahm, events manager. 

This is a tough one. I recently had a friend ask me this question (I was her Maid of Honor), and I gave her the following advice. Hope it helps you in your decision!

“The Wedding Book” says:

It’s perfectly fine to invite only the children of very close family and friends and not invite others.

No matter what your decision, some guests may disagree with you; smooth the way by letting people know early on that you’ve made a decision and are not just singling them out.

This will give them time to adjust and make arrangements.

What I say:

Go with your gut. Don’t invite the children of families you don’ t necessarily care for.

I would invite the children of the friends that you still see yourself staying in touch with 10 years down the road.

It may be a bit harsh, but that’s my take on it. Any readers have additional advice to add?

– Shawna