Ski-Day Nutrition: Staying Fueled on the Slopes

With ski season in full swing, many of our guests are gearing up for long, thrilling days schussing through Aspen’s famous powder. But life at 8,000 feet—especially if you’ll be burning an average of 350 calories an hour—requires special attention to nutrition and hydration. At the Little Nell, we’re dedicated to helping you embrace every opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of Aspen Mountain. So we’ve put together a few quick tips to ensure you give your body everything it needs for an all-day ski-day.

Hydration Nation

Unless you live at altitude year-round, you may feel the effects of our high-up location, where the air is thinner and the atmospheric humidity is nearly non-existent. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to maintain your energy levels and feel great throughout your Aspen visit, so plan to double your water consumption and reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake a bit.

SKI TIP: If you’re experiencing signs of altitude sickness, ask our Clefs d’Or-certified Concierge team about oxygen rental. We’ll have you back in the chutes in no time.

Complex Carbs

Despite the sudden resurgence in low-carb living, complex carbohydrates like whole grains and fiber-rich fruits are essential for quick-burning energy on the mountain—and may even aid in the prevention of altitude sickness. Start your day with a steaming bowl of Steel-Cut Oats with Cinnamon, Honey, and Cider from our In-Room Dining menu, and add a side of fresh fruit. And, if life just isn’t worth living without your morning pot of Lavazza coffee, we get it; just remember to match your caffeine intake ounce-for-ounce with water.

SKI TIP: To keep your blood sugar from dipping to “bonk” levels, tuck a light, nutrient-dense snack like the Perfect Bar Mini in your pocket. Snacking can also help keep your body in thermogenesis—which means it’s burning calories to keep your core temperature up.

Light Lunch

Particularly if you enjoyed a hard-charging morning of bumps and jumps, you might be tempted to tuck in for a hearty lunch; nothing triggers those steak cravings like a brisk morning on the mountain! But giving your body a heavy midday calorie load with large portions of animal protein will require extra energy to digest—and that’s energy you’ll need for your afternoon runs. Instead, swing by the Sundeck for a light, flavorful made-to-order stir fry. Choose lots of colorful veggies; those antioxidants will help counter the effects of the sun.

SKI TIP: Empty sugars—including after-lunch dessert, hot cocoa or alcohol of any kind—will virtually guarantee a pre-dinner glycemic crash…and may also contribute to inflammation.

Rich Rewards


Ajax Tavern Double Cheeseburger and Truffle Fries

If there’s a meal made for splurging during your Little Nell ski vacation, it’s dinner—and any one of our restaurants can help you refuel. Our hands-down favorite for après-ski indulgence is probably Ajax Tavern’s Wagyu Double Cheeseburger. If you’re searching for justification, tell yourself that you’re supporting healthy muscle recovery with absolutely top-drawer protein. And of course, those truffle fries and locally crafted Dry Dock Apricot Ale are just carbo-loading for tomorrow…when you’ll be lucky enough do it all over again.