What Wine to Pair with Macaroni and Cheese?

We asked our assistant food and beverage director (and advanced sommelier), Vilma Mazaite, what food she liked to eat when the weather starts to turn cooler. Her answer surprised us, largely due to Vilma’s slender waistline! She has the perfect wine pairing for a gooey, cheesy batch of Mac & Cheese… just right for a fall evening in Aspen or wherever you may be.

Mac & Cheese has become one of my favorite comfort foods (next to Chunky Monkey ice cream). Since I hardly ever eat without a glass of wine, I have tried several pairings in my past.

The best pairing has always been a lighter red that is not too fruity or tannic. Something like Pinot Noir.

But last year I had lovely Thanksgiving meal at my friend’s house, and she made mac & cheese. I brought a bottle of Elena Walsch Schiava, and the wine left us swooning! It tasted like a most delicate pinot, but with a special character that I can’t forget. Plus, the mac & cheese was perfect with it, so I was a happy girl.

Schiava is the most-planted grape of the Alto Adige region of Italy, but it’s not very well known even though it tastes like the popular Pinot Noir. This bottle is available in the $20 range, so you can enjoy it even if it’s not a special occasion like Thanksgiving.