Wedding Trends for 2013

Our very own Events Director Melina Glavas recently attended Engage!12, a luxury wedding business summit at The Breakers in beautiful Palm Beach.

“Engage is where the best in the business meet,” Glavas said. “It’s such a small, isolated town in Aspen, and even though the world comes to us, we’re not always exposed to new ideas. That’s why it’s so important to go to events like this and bring ideas and innovation back to our clients here in Aspen.”

Wedding clients of The Little Nell want the best of the best, so Melina spent her time at Engage learning about trends, seeing what’s out there from a creative standpoint, and meeting some of the most innovative vendors in the world.

We sat down with Melina to pick her brain about what’s new for 2013 in weddings. Here are a few of her favorite things:


Laser Cut Outs

Look for a variety of laser-cut details at weddings and events in 2013. These could be on paper or cardboard, but with a laser cutter, you really get a professional look and fine detailing.

Unique Food

Guests want more than just meat and potatoes these days. They are looking for delicious, different and local food experiences. Here at The Little Nell, we’ve been doing this for years, fortunately. We always cook à la minute, which means it’s never held in a warm oven or in a chaffing dish. No frozen products! Plus, we offer local items like Colorado trout, Colorado lamb, local veggies and so many other things to provide a sense of place and specialness to the occasion. This practice is spreading, and that’s great news.


Having Fun with the Menu

Here I’m talking about the actual menu! Last year on Pinterest people went nuts over using vintage mirrors and writing the menu on them for wedding receptions. Engage paid homage to that trend and the new laser cut out trend in using paper mirrors with the menu printed on them. Antique and vintage is still a huge trend in weddings, but you can achieve the look in a variety of ways.

The New Photobooth

I was surprised to see a new kind of photobooth that had text capability. People would have their photo made inside and then are able to draw on the screen to create a personalized message. Perfect for a message to the bride/groom!


Winter Wonderland

Winter weddings and events are a big trend for 2013, and Engage pulled out all the stops at their winter wonderland-themed party. My favorite aspect of the evening was the “Snowball,” which was an ice cream ball that was served in a glass. The ball was served with a variety of winter toppings like vanilla shavings, coconut, icy blue M&Ms… and all of it was set out on ice. They also had winter-themed drinks like a Polar Bear Martini, etc. Perfect for an Aspen winter wedding!

mon pm lunch-14


This is something, alas, that would be very out of place in Aspen, but I really enjoyed the tropical/nautical items for 2013, especially since we were in Palm Beach. Beautiful Lilly Pulitzer linens matched with fresh fruit, delicious cocktails (Tiki Bars are back) and fun with nautical-themed accents… makes me wish Aspen had a beach!

Final thought

If you are a bride in Duluth or Dallas or anywhere, one concept is the same: Push your team for innovative ideas! Let them get creative. Personalize things and make them special to you. Was there a favorite dish or dessert you enjoyed as a kid? What about putting it on the menu? Most chefs are dying to do something different, so don’t be afraid to ask your caterer/venue for a special menu or something unique.



Special thanks to and photographers and for the amazing images from Engage!