Wedding of the Month, Subercaseaux~Gaillard Wedding

Subercaseaux ~ Gaillard Wedding


Robin Proctor Photography

Why Aspen & The Little Nell?

We looked at a lot of wedding venues and ultimately decided we wanted to get married on top of a mountain.  We’ve always loved Aspen, so we took a trip last February and checked out the Sundeck and Aspen Mountain Club.  The Wedding Deck was under so much snow we couldn’t even tell where it was, but the gorgeous view of Aspen Highlands and the surrounding peaks cemented our decision.  

Robin Proctor Photography

Favorite Gondola Moment…

By far our favorite gondola moment was riding down the mountain after our amazing day.  The experience was sublime  ~ completely dark and quiet with a million stars overhead.  And, because we couldn’t see the ground below us, it truly felt as if we were flying into Aspen.  This sensation was completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day, and all of our guests commented on the experience.

Robin Proctor Photography

Best Wedding Bite…

The food at our wedding was incredible; and to enjoy it in an intimate venue at 11,000 feet above sea level made it even more special.  Everything was great; Jeff loved the beef duo entree and I loved the stuffed mountain trout.  The appetizers were also exquisite, especially the short ribs!

Robin Proctor Photography

Most Memorable Moment…

We decided to take our formal pictures prior to the ceremony.  Our most memorable moment was when I was standing alone on the wedding deck and Jeff came out to meet me to take some photos.  Time seemed to stand still.  It was magical.

Aspen Bride Advice…

Our best advice for future brides and couples getting married in Aspen is to find a great wedding planner and get started early.  Choosing a venue like The Little Nell made things easy ~ the incredible service gave us the peace of mind that everything would be done well and would come out great.

 Venue: Aspen Mountain Club; Wedding Planner: DL Event Planning; Florist: Harrington Smith Floral; Cake Artist: The Little Nell; Entertainment: A Great Time DJ and Bill Parish Productions; Photographer: Robin Proctor Photography