Support the Aspen Homeless Shelter with a Curry Dinner at The Nell

We’re excited to welcome Chef Biju Thomas back to The Nell this spring. The affable and talented chef specializing in Indian cuisine hosted the first installment of our Guest Chef Dinner Series last December, which was a sold-out success.

By popular demand, Biju is returning to the kitchen at The Nell on Saturday, May 14. Join us for an authentic three-course Indian dinner at element 47, which he’s themed to be a blend of “Cool summertime Colorado-style char-grilling with great spring vegetables and a hint of Indian spices and flavors.”

The price is $47/per person + gratuity + tax. Donations of any amount to support the Aspen Homeless Shelter are encouraged and will be accepted via cash or check.

What: Biju’s Little Curry Shop Guest Chef dinner

Where: Element 47 at The Little Nell

When: Saturday, May 14 from 6 – 9 pm

Cost: $47 + a donation of any amount to the Aspen Homeless Shelter

Why: While The Nell is known for providing our guests with gracious accommodations, and fine food and wine, among other luxurious services and amenities, we are keenly aware of the realities and challenges faced on the opposite side of the spectrum within our very own community. One measure of a society is how it cares for its most vulnerable members. We recognize the important work of the Aspen Homeless Shelter in their mission to keep people alive, safe and fed while they are homeless; helping them access resources to meet their needs; and assisting in transition to stability and self-reliance. Aspen’s generosity and caring for the well-being of our community is not only inspirational, but also legendary. Each person that is cared for saves our community important resources in unnecessary emergency room visits, law enforcement interventions, and other emergency measures. Please join us for a special Guest Chef Dinner with Biju Thomas and his Little Curry Shop and give what you can to help us ensure the most vulnerable members of our community are safe and fed.

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Chef Biju Thomas, founder & owner of Biju’s Little Curry Shop