Stop and Smell the Mule Ears

From Steven Goff, our Adventure Concierge

In Colorado, physical beauty seems to surround us at every moment. I just spent a couple of days in Crested Butte, where they are celebrating their annual Wildflower Festival this week.

Crested Butte is the wildflower capital of Colorado because of its vast reaches of meadows, long views of the West Elk mountains that surround the town, and of course the beauty of wildflowers that decorate its valleys and mountainsides… as well as everyone’s yards and storefronts.

As I crawled out of my tent Friday morning, I was greeted by this field of happy Mule Ear. The moment stopped me in my tracks, and once again, reminded me that Colorado is truly a magical place!

mule ears in aspen

Photo credit: Steven Goff

Don’t forget in life, to stop and smell the Mule Ear.

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