Sour Grapes?

Two springs ago, during our annual closure, one of our white wine coolers went down.  When we came into work, we realized that all of the white wine that we had stored in our day-use cooler had been “cooked.”  This included some of The Little Nell’s Wine Spectator’s Grand Award Wine List’s top white burgundies and champagnes, valued at close to $100,000.  After tasting through many a bottle, we realized there was no hope in salvaging it.

Image from Yapp Brothers, UK

Like the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons…”  We decided to get an old wine barrel from legendary wine producer Jean Louis Chave in Hermitage and started working on making our own vinegar.  Two years later, we now have our first batch of “Grand Cru Vinegar.”

When you have the opportunity, stop in Montagna restaurant or Ajax Tavern and experience how delicious that cooked wine is today!!!