Mid-week Cocktail Fix – My Name is Earl

We’ve started a new tradition this summer at The Little Nell. Every Wednesday we’re posting one of our summer cocktails from the Montagna Bar along with a recipe so you can re-create your favorites at home, wow your guests or simply enjoy knowing the mixology secrets of our talented bar staff.  

This week we’re feeling a little surly. A little rough and tumble. A little like bourbon.

So here it is: The secret to My Name is Earl. 

• 1 ½ oz Earl Grey-Infused Bulleit Bourbon
• ½ oz Carpano Sweet Vermouth
• 3 oz Fresh Lemonade
• 2 oz Apricot Cherry Ice Tea
• ½ oz Simple Syrup
• Dash of Angastora Bitters

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice.  Shake gently.  Pour into a highball glass.  Long lemon twist to garnish.

And there you have it. Funny story — was at a bar recently where a friend ordered a “Bulleit on the rocks.” The bartender said “A silver bullet?” Luckily we caught this confused server before he brought us a Coors on ice. But seriously, Bulleit Bourbon is delicious and a handy addition to any home bar.

We infuse our Bulleit with Earl Gray tea, which is a blend of Indian and Ceylon teas. Thus, the name is a tribute to the tea but also to the popular TV show “My Name is Earl” starring Jason Lee. The show is all about karma, so we say, do yourself a favor and make this drink. Somewhere life is rewarding you for some sort of job well done.