Holiday Parties!


We know, it’s not even Halloween yet, so we’re even a little hesitant to talk about it… but the holidays are coming! While it’s too early to start decorating, it isn’t too early to start planning.

“You should book holidays parties early for the best deals and dates,” said Shawna Rahm, events manager at The Little Nell. “You also want to get your menu set as early as possible to avoid last-minute scrambling.”

(See below for The Little Nell’s holiday party specials for early bookings.)

Even if your holiday party involves you cooking/hosting in your own home, it’s never too early to start thinking about dates and special touches to make the soiree truly special.

Here are a few of our experienced events team’s recommendations for a winner:

  • Hire a photographer. We know, it may seem a little over the top, but consider all the memories you’ll be able to relive through those amazing photos! Also, some photographers can event print images on site, so your guests can leave with a memento from the evening.
  • Mix traditions. Melina Glavas, events director, likes to combine religious holidays with a Hanukkah/Christmas party. Think latkes and applesauce. Think eggnog. Bring all of these favorite traditions together, and everyone will find something to love/celebrate or maybe a new dish they had never tried before.
  • Have a coat check attendant. This is a must in Aspen, and even if it’s just your friend Steve staffing the door, it will make all the difference. Oh the mounds of black jackets we’ve seen… no one wants to go rifling through piles of coats when they are heading home. Do you really want that to be people’s last memories of your fantastic party? We didn’t think so.
  • Greet your guests with a warm beverage. Another recommendation that holds true in Aspen. Your guests have braved the cold and snow to come to your party, so reward them with a nice, hot beverage right when they walk in the door. Hot Toddy. Hot Cocoa. Mmmmm.
  • Skip the Dirty Santa. While we love games, this one always gets nasty. Really, do yourself AND your guests a favor and pass on this one.
  • Start a tradition together. Rebecca Polan on our events team has a tradition of burning cowboy hats in a bonfire every Thanksgiving with her family. (Her family is in Chicago and HATES the Dallas Cowboys.) Whatever it is… make sure it fits you and your group.
  • Don’t be afraid to set ground rules. Don’t want people wearing shoes at your party? It’s your party/prerogative. Consider offering booties to cover shoes, or warm socks in exchange for your guests’ shoes for the evening. Afraid of spills? Serve clear liquids like Vodka, Sprite and Champagne.
  • Go Mini. We love the idea of doing a full traditional meal in miniature. Picture this: Thanksgiving Cocktail party with mini turkey bites/stuffing; chestnut soup; green bean casserole balls; and mini pumpkin pies as passed hors d’oeuvres. Now we’re hungry.
  • Remember the staff. Take a moment to acknowledge the fact that your caterer, server… whoever, is away from their family and friends to work at your party. Consider ordering a pizza for staff or sending them home with small thank you gifts (like candy/cookies and a thank you note) or even wrapped gifts for their children. A small gesture will go a very long way and earn you the title of “most gracious host/hostess ever.”

The Little Nell is offering the following packages during the 2012 Holiday Season:


4 Selected Canapés

Antipasti Station

$42.00 per person


One Starter

One Entrée

One Dessert

$72.00 per person

Cocktails & Dinner

4 Selected Canapés

One Starter

One Entrée

One Dessert

$92.00 per person 


The Little Nell Staff / Private Venue & All Equipment

Floor Length Linen / Votive Candles / Custom Printed Menus

Complimentary Site Fee / Complimentary Valet

~Additional Charges Apply for Off-Site Catering~


Please contact The Little Nell Events Department at 970-920-6382.

Special Offers Apply November 1 – December 22.

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