Getting Green Done at The Nell

The Little Nell is currently closed until May 12, but during our closure, we’re getting a lot done. Besides a general “sprucing” and deep cleaning, we’re also retrofitting three boilers and reconfiguring the pipe system associated with them. It’s a big job, but it will result in some real energy savings for the hotel and the Aspen Skiing Company (which owns the hotel).   

Cutting Natural Gas Use
By proactively retrofitting the boilers, we will reduce natural gas consumption by an estimated 25-30 percent. 

“This project has a great return on investment and on the environment,” says Aspen Skiing Company Project Manager, Gert Van Moorsel.

This estimated savings will keep 305-365 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and will also improve the guest experience. 

Aspen Skiing Company recently announced that the company is on track to achieve target greenhouse gas emissions goals this year.

We’re achieving that through energy-saving projects like the boiler retrofit, but also through a ban on incandescent light bulbs (an industry first), installation of a new solar array at The Sundeck and an energy efficient remodel of the Merry-Go-Round restaurant on Aspen Highlands.

For more information on these and other environmental projects, check out this recent feature on which highlights our efforts.