David’s Journal ~ Argentina, Day Five

The final day of The Little Nell’s Fly Fishing Adventure in the beautiful Nahuel Huapi National Park Patagonia in Argentina concludes with unrivaled fishing on Fonck Lake, where more than fish were caught.  Our guests have departed Argentina with an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience, cameras filled with amazing images and memories that will last a lifetime.  We’re looking forward to seeing where David’s Journal will take him next and hope that you will join us on the adventure.

Day Five

Today Rees and I went to Fonck Lake again and caught nearly 40 fish by lunch!  To give you an idea of how fantastic the fishing was, we each had fish on our line… at the same time… multiple times.  The volcanic beach that our guide Javier chose for a lunch site was spectacular.  The fish were keying in on Dagon Flies and the fishing was hard to top.

Kelly Lasher went bird watching / nature hike with Lorenzo.  Sara Poag received a tune-up on her casting from Marcelo in the morning and then fished that afternoon.  Sara caught the most unusual catch of the whole trip ~ a duck chased down her fly and caught it in it’s bill.  Fortunately, they removed the fly and released the duck.  And, all were happy…. except our chef.

We finished the day with another fabulous filet of beef dinner with Argentine wines.