Carte Blanche – A Custom Menu from Chef Matt Padilla

Carte Blanche, offered nightly, is a constantly evolving menu by element 47’s Chef de Cuisine Matt Padilla. Featuring five courses, this custom menu is designed for diners who are curious about new concepts and flavors from the kitchen, always prepared with seasonal ingredients. Portions are slightly smaller than those offered on e47’s traditional menu in order to accommodate a range of dishes. Carte Blanche enables Chef Matt to cook specifically for you. Chef Matt shares his first Carte Blanche below, offering a perspective into what you might expect – or not expect – each evening.

Island creek oysters, cucumber, Black River caviar

Summer harvest salad
Avocado mousse, summer vegetables, herbs & flowers. Benne wafer crumble

Bucatini all’Amatriciana
Pecorino, tomato, guanciale, basil

Pan-seared Alaskan halibut
yellow squash, asparagus, baby artichoke, vin jaune

porcini mushrooms, spring onions, peas

Optional cheese
Cyprus groveTruffle tremor, coffee hazelnut crumble, honeycomb, sorrel

white chocolate greek yoghurt, crispy meringue, strawberry sorbet, mint sugar, flower power

Bon bons & pate fruit

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