Cali Cab Wine Dinner

This summer’s Cali Cab dinner was most impressive with 10 wines being paired beautifully with some of our favorite dishes from element 47.

The point of this dinner was to try Cabernet Sauvignon through its recent evolution – starting with wines from the 70’s ending with wine from the current day. Despite the name of the event (clearly focused on California) we actually started with wine from the 1970 in France to learn some history about this wine. Then in our second course – paired perfectly with local emma farms wagyu – we enjoyed Cali Cabs from the 80’s and a bit of a departure from the robust French wines from the 70’s. The final course was paired with rich Cali Cabs from the 90’s through the current day. Of course there were a few differing opinions but generally the 1970’s wines were most revered by the group.


Wagyu & Wine


While the wine was incredible and the dinner educational – one of the highlights of all wine dinners is the company! You never know who you’re going to sit next to and attendees are dynamic and fun, which makes for an exciting evening of learning from new and old friends as well as a lot about wine.

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