Bug Out! To a New Culinary Sensation

Are you adventurous enough to eat bugs for dinner? Not as a garnish or shocking side dish; but baked, sauteed, and served front and center.

If you’re feeling uneasy about eating insects, you’re not alone. There’s a mental hurdle to get over before you enthusiastically welcome them on your plate. Which is why we’re going to warm you up with an original, award-winning documentary that will expand your horizons (and palette): BUGS.

BUGS, the Documentary

BUGS the Documentary promises to make us rethink what we eat and where we’re willing to go in terms culinary exploration.

As the earth’s population grows, food production and our food sources need to be explored in new and innovative ways. Bugs are a powerful source of protein, so it makes sense that chefs, filmmakers, and sustainability experts are exploring this topic.

While eating bugs isn’t uncommon in other parts of the world, Americans tend to reject the thought. However, this trend is growing, and it’s possible we’ll all be chowing down bugs in a few years. Here at The Nell, we like to be at the forefront of culinary trends so we’re welcoming this experience with open arms and mouths.

Dinner at The Little Nell

BUGS Dinner

Image courtesy of BUGS

Join the Little Nell for an unforgettable culinary event on Monday, March 6. First, guests will be treated to complimentary bubbly before watching the doc at the Wheeler Opera House. We’ll also have bug candy on hand courtesy of the creative minds at element 47.

After the pre-show reception and screening of this Tribeca Film Festival selection, element 47 will take what we’ve experienced on the big screen and put it into action. The Little Nell’s Executive Chef Matt Zubrod and guest chef (and bug aficionado) Jose Carlos Redon have created a menu featuring (what else?) BUGS!

Redon considers the bugs he cooks with a delicacy and helped produce the documentary. He’s the chef you want for your first bug experience.

If you’re not a daring eater, feel at ease. If you’re going to take the leap and try a dinner made of bugs, The Little Nell is the place to do it. It’s guaranteed that the food will be beautifully plated, expertly prepared, and delicious.


If you’re all too eager to experience BUGS, you can attend the screening and dinner on Monday, March 6, in Aspen. Here’s what to expect:

  • Pre-Film Bubbles & Bugs Reception | 5:30 pm
  • BUGS film | 6:00 pm
  • Q&A to follow film
  • BUGS Chef’s Dinner at element 47 at The Little Nell | 8:00 pm

Screening only is $15; dinner only is $47. Make a night out of it and attend both the screening and bug dinner for $60; includes a glass of wine (you can always order more if you need additional liquid courage).

Purchase tickets at The Wheeler Opera House.

Unable to Make it? Where You Can Learn More

If you won’t be in Aspen on March 6, you can learn more about BUGS by watching the trailer and finding a screening near you. This unique film may make you rethink what you’re having for dinner tonight.