Top Boutique Fitness Classes in Aspen

Top Boutique Fitness Classes in Aspen

On a vacation day, you might have enough energy to blaze a trail in half the typical time. However, courtesy calls: If your partner’s pace is on the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll need to bottle up your fuel.

Don’t fret: If you’re in search of an extra cardio boost, there are plenty of awesome fitness classes in Aspen to meet traveler’s needs. Whether you are looking for strength ‘housekeeping,’ a local group atmosphere, or guided stretching to complement a rugged day outside, Aspen’s health leaders have designed a deep queue of fun, effective sessions.

Here are a handful of our favorite choices this summer season:

Pilates at O2 Aspen

Are your hamstrings tight? You crave a core workout after last night’s dessert? Or, you want to couple a focused indoor workout with a spa treatment? (Yes, athletes need recovery, too.) O2 has your checklist covered.
Pilates class

The yoga classes feature a mix of Iyengar, vinyasa flow, or meditation-centric styles. Similarly, the Pilates classes offer a variety of experiences via different equipment and an integration of cardio moves. After you detox in class, follow with a facial (hello, Colorado sunshine), a massage, or another spa treatment.

Lagree Method on the Megaformer

As the only Lagree Fitness Studio in Aspen, Higher Terrain combines strength training, cardio, and high-intensity Pilates on a spring-loaded, momentum-free resistance machine called the Megaformer. The 45-minute class carves lean muscles and defines your core. Seeking a more personalized workout? Higher Terrain offers private classes in Aspen on the Megaformer, plus Classical Reformer Pilates, Sculpt and HIIT.

Pure Barre

Though it’s primarily filled with females, men, you’re welcome here, too! Pure Barre begins with a warm-up facing the mirror with light weights for the upper body. Then, students move to the barre to exercise the thighs and, um, seat. Class closes out with a core workout. Never been to a class? It’s time to try something new – whether it’s Pure Barre Classic or the cardio-infused Pure Barre Empower. Next door, you can also get a great cardio workout at Cycle Bar.

Aspen Shakti

One of Aspen’s most beloved studios is Aspen Shakti, offering yoga, meditation, dance and a variety of challenges to keep their community engaged. Open for drop-in or memberships.

Bonus: Aspen Parks and Recreation

Zumba, yoga, water aerobics, dance cardio, circuit training, bootcamp—you name it: Aspen Parks and Recreation has a deep well of fitness options every day of the week, for locals and vacationers. Now, we really have zero excuses to hop into a workout!