A Wedding Photographer’s Favorite Spots in Aspen

150x150 HeadshotBrian Leahy is a photographer based in California who frequently visits Aspen to shoot weddings for The Nell. He’s photographed endless weddings along the coast, on the beach, and in the hills, but doesn’t always get the chance to take advantage of such wide and sweeping landscapes in places like Aspen. We asked Brian to share his five favorite spots to photograph weddings in Aspen
with us below.

1. Aspen Mountain Wedding Deck

Aspen Mountain Wedding Deck“My recent wedding on the Wedding Deck on the top of Aspen Mountain at The Little Nell was absolutely breathtaking. With an intimate ceremony of just 60 guests, we felt like we had the entire mountaintop to ourselves as we witnessed their beautiful nuptials. The soft mountain breeze, sounds of birds chirping, and overall quietness of the beautiful mountain range in front of us was an extraordinary experience. All of the guests at Misty & Matt’s wedding had come from out-of-town and got to experience a true destination wedding.”

2. Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells Wedding Photo“Just a short drive from The Little Nell and Aspen, Maroon Bells is said to be one of the most photographed locations in Colorado, and for obvious reason. The drive out to this beautiful spot was stunning enough, but arriving and walking up to this unbelievable view is such a treat, and actually photographing a couple there was unforgettable! For being such a popular tourist/local attraction, I was surprised there was so much open space. There wasn’t a single person on set at our shoot, aside from our bride and groom. You can’t ask for a better setting than that!”

3. Aspen trees

Aspen Trees Wedding Photo“What would be a photoshoot in Aspen without some aspen trees? One of the best parts about shooting in Colorado is the plethora of unrestricted, wide open spaces that are ripe for photography. For this particular spot, we pulled off the highway coming back from Maroon Bells. On our way up I saw beautiful light coming through this section of the forest and knew we’d have to find time for a quick shoot in this awesome patch of forest.”

4. View from the Sundeck

brian-leahy-sundeck“The Sundeck atop Aspen Mountain is one of my favorite spots to shoot. The vast expanse of barely-touched forest and trees creates beautiful contrast as the sun starts to set. Its location high up on the mountain also gives a unique perspective on the entire mountain range that you just can’t get anywhere else in Aspen. There’s nothing better than being as high as the clouds!”

5. Styled shoot on the Sundeck

Aspen Mountain Sundeck Wedding“I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous editorial decor shoot, designed and created by Bella Flora out of Dallas. The Sundeck was the perfect place to shoot this intimate dining experience to take full advantage of the expansive mountain view. Aside from the killer location, we were also treated to some perfect sunbeams shining through the Aspen clouds. Can you imagine getting to dine there right now?!”

Brian’s philosophy is that every great photo starts with connection — a connection with the couple, with their loved ones, and with the beauty of their location. His outgoing nature, relaxed style and knack for capturing candid moments has made him one of the most sought-after photographers in California, both for local events and for destination weddings around the world. To learn more about Brian and his work, visit brianleahyphoto.com.

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