Drinking through the X Games

Let’s face it: XGames can be an endurance test for the liver. It’s a party, and Aspen goes a bit crazy enjoying the revelry of extreme sports greatness. 

Aside from all the sports drinks floating about town (you could probably live on free neon-colored beverages during the events), there’s lots of alcohol to enjoy. But let’s be choosy shall we? Let’s try and enjoy this Winter X Games responsibly folks!

Here are my tips for a gold-medal sip that won’t have you hung over like a bad run in the half pipe:

Bubbles – It’s a party, so you better be drinking bubbles at some point this weekend. We’re not talking expensive champagne if you’re on a budget.

Try a glass of prosecco or cava — just as fun as champagne, and it won’t break the bank. It’s a great bang for your buck.

A Twist on Margaritas – Try having your margarita made with mezcal instead of tequila. It will bring a nice balance to the drink without being an “uppity cocktail.” (The last thing you want to be caught with over X.)

Our mezcal margarita here at the Montagna Bar is amazing, and I also like Jimmy’s in Aspen as well for a late-night scene.

AND before I forget, we’re throwing you a party tonight X Games people! Head to our Terrace Bar and flash those X Games credentials for $3 beers and $8 specialty cocktails. 7 pm to close. Not officially associated with the games? Come anyway to hang with the athletes, organizers and crew that make this awesome event possible in Aspen.

Long Live X in Aspen!


Carlton McCoy is one of the youngest advanced sommeliers in the world at 27. He’s assistant wine director at The Little Nell and loves to enjoy Aspen with a good drink in hand. 

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