Wedding of the Month, Carroll~Glickman Wedding

Carroll~Glickman Wedding

Why Aspen & The Little Nell?

I knew The Little Nell was the perfect location for my wedding the moment I stood on their wedding deck atop Aspen Mountain. I stood there looking over the Rocky Mountains, with blue open skies, and fresh air and knew there was not a better place to commit the rest of my life to the man I love. It was simple, beautiful, and natural… the same way I saw my love for my husband.

Favorite Gondola Moment… 

My favorite moment on the gondola was after the ceremony and photos. It was my first moment to slow down, take a deep breath, and spend a little time with my new husband. Nothing else existed in that moment but us floating down Aspen Mountain. It gave “feeling on top of the world” a whole new meaning.

Best Wedding Bite…

The best thing I tasted on my wedding day was crispy skin chicken with crispy prosciutto. I had butterflies the day before and morning of my wedding. When we sat down for dinner, I finally had my nerves settled and my appetite back ~ there was no better way to satisfy it!  

Most Memorable Moment…

The most memorable moment of my wedding day was when I came around the corner from the Aspen Mountain Club and saw my husband to be for the first time. Everything else melted away except for him, the sunshine, and the mountains behind him. It was the most perfect thing. Nothing else mattered except how much I loved him and that we were getting married in a place that surpassed our dreams.

Advice for Aspen Brides… 

My best advice is to get to know the Catering Manager working on your wedding! Your Catering Manager is a great resource, support, and works so hard to make everything just the way you dreamed it would be. Remember to be patient and happy. Enjoy every moment. After all, the day is for the two of you and everyone else is there just to take part in your special moment. Don’t loose sight of that!

Venue: Grand Salon, The Little Nell; Florist: Aspen Branch; Cake Artist: d’Elissious Cake Studio of Aspen; Entertainment: Platinum Productions; Photographer: Zorn Photography

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